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We provide employers with a fully-managed, "best practice" approach to addressing the issues and requirements of their lone working employees.


Where the employer requires employees to work alone, then the employer has clear obligations and responsibilities to fulfil. These are aimed at proactively protecting the safety and wellbeing of the specific employees in question. These involve having a relevant Lone Working Safety Policy and associated processes in place which will involve proactively assessing risks and taking appropriate steps to mitigate these for their Lone Working Employees.


Applied Healthcare Academy provides responsible employers with a fully-managed and bespoke Lone Working and Personal Security Service  which includes:

  • Targeted Risk Assessments
  • Online Training
  • Personal Security App for your “at risk” employees who work alone.

Lone Workers include the following Employee Groups:

  • Employees who work separately from others, for example, working alone late in the office or working alone at a remote location on a company site.
  • Employees  who work outside normal hours, for example service engineers working on equipment in acute and critical hospital departments.
  • Employees who are working away from their fixed base, at the premises of other organisations, for example, sales reps, service engineers and clinical educators.
  • Service workers, for example Nurses and Carers visiting patients in their homes.