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Endlessly curious and passionate about the evolution of the healthcare industry, Trevor has spent over 25 years striving to connect health and wellness brands with their customers and consumers.

An impressive communicator and self starter, Trevor has established an excellent reputation in the industry, borne out of his skills as a natural leader and trainer, creating real change in the people he interacts with. He has illustrated his passion through the pursuit of new ideas, better communications and a change in the dynamics between people, patients, pharmacists and practitioners.

As well as being Founder and Director of Maestro Consulting, Trevor is a Senior Associate at The Consumer Healthcare Training Academy, an invited speaker at International Healthcare Conferences and has been featured many time within industry publications. After guiding and educating millions of people over his career, Trevor has been made an honorary member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (July 2011) for services to Pharmacy education, as well as being awarded “Outstanding contribution to the OTC Industry” at the 2016 SMaRT awards.

As Trevor continues to progress, he was elected in 2020 to the advisory council of the Institute for Collaborative Working and continues to study to keep his knowledge of the industry current and explore the digital world , and how it can support the growth of the Health and Wellness Industry.