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A fresh, innovative approach to providing blended mindset and psychology training, skills training and solutions to develop and support the "Leaders of Tomorrow"


With our partners at Life Science Access Academy (LSAA) we are able offer the very best in mindset and psychology training, skills training and help you deliver the “Leaders of Tomorrow".


With the help of 50 of the UK’s leading independent trainers we have the following blended learning solutions:




This category offers a broad spectrum of topics and has everything you need to improve these specific skills. From market access, account management, time management and finance skills to understanding your secondary care environment and the changing NHS; we have a selection of courses written by experts specifically for you. 


The courses in this category have been created by our expert authors to help you improve your skills and widen your knowledge of recruitment, finance and safe lone working. We also offer a course on the increasingly crucial topic of virtual recruitment in a world adapting to COVID-19.



This category examines the importance of mental health, how it affects us at work and the practical ways in which we can improve it. We offer a 3 part module on emotional agility, complete with a worksheet and quiz to help better understand yourself. Our courses have been created by experts covering a vast array of topics including anxiety and fear, building resilience mental health and wellbeing, how to manage stress, motivation, workplace loneliness, positive thinking and personal fulfilment.


This expansive category is filled with content written by our expert authors to help improve your skills in a plethora of  areas. In this category you will find access plans and ideas, workshops, hints and tips for multi-channel engagement, networking and follow up as well as two of our most popular courses on how to read and commercialise a clinical paper. In addition, this category also covers negotiation, communication, leadership, influencing, time management and presenting. 


New Courses


Questioning Skills

A course to look at questioning and related skills

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Virtual Engagement *(But Were Afraid to Ask) - Think Tank

In this Think Tank, we delve into Virtual Engagement for Life Sciences with panelists ranging from legal to ABHI.  We now have the Top Tips, Webinar and in-depth interviews with our panellists available under the Think Tank menu.

Next Course:

How relevant will the term 'Field Force' be by the end of 2021?​

We delve into the term 'Field Force' and its relevance for Life Sciences by the end of 2021. Our panellists discussion will range from COVID impact to structuring an effective field force. We now have the Top Tips, Webinar and in-depth interviews with our panellists available under the Think Tank menu.

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Why Your Business Should Be Interested in the Dispensing Doctor Market

A short session on the specific details of the Dispensing Doctor market, their reimbursement, and opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry. 

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Gaining Virtual Access Masterclass

A must-watch with practical tips and examples to use on gaining virtual access. 

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Remote/Virtual Selling Mastery

An easy to follow, audio and video masterclass in remote and virtual selling that breaks down the process in detail. 

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Below is a list of some of our well-known authors and contributors to the skills and mindset courses


Alastair Carmichael

David Cosgrove

Jan Flynn

Paul Bobin

Allan Mackintosh

Debbie Woodward

Jenny Rossiter

Rob Toomey

Andrew Davidson

Eleanor Lawrance

Keith Rowland

Sarah Fogg

Andy Anderson

Gareth Davies

Laura Rosenthal

Scott McKenzie

Andy Gross

Gareth Roberts

Lynne Kennedy

Simon Wills

Ania Euszkowski

Gary Killington

Mark Davies

Stuart Shotton

Anne Ballard

Greg Danilewicz

Mark Harbour

Terry Hill 

Bob Bevil

Helen Sandilands

Martin Knowles

Terry Neild

Caroline Fish

Ian Chamberlain

Michael Cheetham

Tim Kneen

Catherine Allen

Ian Saunders

Michelle Sullivan 

Tina O’Brien

Catherine Cain

Irene Stone

Miranda Hanks Tom Phillips

Chrissy Hobbs

Jacqui Purnell Paddy (Jonathan) Patterson Vikash Dudhia

David Bobs