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Your one-stop shop for all your field-based staff's credentialing needs


Courses are accepted by all UK credentialing providers including the LSI National Credentialing Register, MIA and Intellicentrics (AFPP accredited where appropriate)

  • ABHI Code of Conduct/Practice Course

  • Acute Care - Introducing the Hospital Environment

  • Aseptic Technique

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Effective Communication as a Sales Professional

  • Effective Hand Hygiene

  • Hospital Access  - Life Science Registry Tier 1
    • Covering: Industry specific Code training Bribery Act, Competition Law and Procurement, Information Governance (including Caldicott Principles and GDPR), Self Patient and Public Safety and NHS values and behaviours (including patient confidentiality)

  • Hospital Access  - Life Science Registry Tier 2
    • Covering: Adverse Event Management, Aseptic Technique, Environmental Health and Safety training, Essential Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

  • Hospital Access  - Life Science Registry Tier 3
    • Covering: Theatre Access and Acute Care environmental training

  • Infection Control

  • Theatre Access - Foundation

  • Theatre Access - Revalidation


Applied Healthcare Academy is a recognised provider of training appropriate for registration with MIA